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Community Volunteering & Magical Kenya Holiday Tour Packages

April 2024

This program is specifically designed to attract human resources and related humanitarian support that can help change the lives of local communities in Kenya. Through this program we are inviting local and international professionals and University students to volunteer their time, skills and other valuable resources to support rural and marginalised communities in Kenya as they appreciate indigenous cultures and magical Kenya tourism experience. The program allows both individual and group participation.

Select Appropriate Package for your Holiday and Community Volunteering Program

Weekly Program

5 days of community work and support and 2 days of holiday tours

2 Weeks Program

8 days of community work and support and 6 days of holiday tours.

Monthly Program

22 days of Community work and support and 8 days of holiday tours.

3 Months Program

60 days of community work and support and 30 days of holiday tours

6 Months Program

100 days of community work and support and 80 days of holiday tours

Submit your own community volunteering activities and holiday itinerary

Community Volunteering and Magical Kenya Holiday Tour Packages